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Steeldust Farm is a centuries old farm house located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The 42 acre farm is just a 2 hour drive from Boston. Owned and operated by Jennifer Elliott, who has an extensive background and up-bringing with horses. Her personal love of horses has moved her to teach others how to feel the horses “auras”. This farm focuses on the horse and rider connection, with excellent care for the horses, and excellent training for the horse and rider as a team.
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Jennifer is a well respected trainer, but her forte is teaching. Jennifer started her life with horses as a 4-Her and Pony Club member for her childhood years. She trained for many years with Diane Caras and Mary Howard learning the systematic German Dressage Training System. In recent years she has achieved her teaching certification with the American Riding Instructors Association for dressage and eventing and has also traveled to Ireland to train and compete.

Through Steeldust’s camp and lesson programs Jennifer teaches various riding disciplines with an emphasis on a correct, sensitive technique. Teaching a correct and balanced seat with proper use of the aids. Steeldust participates in a variety of shows and events in the northeast every season where Jennifer and her students have won awards.

jennifer and tiger

Jennifer is a true believer that knowledge is something you can never get enough of and continues her own education constantly. In 2006 she competed successfully at USEA Sanctioned Events and trained with Stephanie Baer. In 2007 she worked on combined training techniques with Denny Emerson. In 2008 she evented with Lily, and placed in the ribbons in many of those events. It was another great training year. 2009 was an in-between year. Jennifer worked with a Hanoverian mare and did a local 2-Phase event and also started Barrel Racing with her homebred Quarterhorse mare Summertime. 2010 brought more Barrel Racing excitement when Jennifer joined the National Barrel Horse Association (NBHA). She competed throughout the state and down into Massachusetts on Summertime and Miss B. She still made time for fun trail rides and starting her two year old Marshall. 2011 introduced the winter fun sport of Ski-Joring and continued focus in Barrel Racing. gain showing experience. Each year since has increased Jennifer’s skills with her focus being in Barrel Racing and being a competitive rider. She is competing in New Hampshire, throughout New England, New York, and Pennysylvania, among other places.
jennifer and summer

Another person you may see is our website manager, Jenny Thibeault. She is the maintainer of this website and the Facebook page. She is very approachable, and if you have any problems, she is happy to help. Here she is with her mare, Starlit Skies.
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